ARANEA+ Klettern & Badminton
Ebnatstrasse 65 - 8200 Schaffhausen
+41 52 620 12 90

Aranea+ – Facts

Since 1996 the Aranea+ has been a public sports and leisure centre in Schaffhausen. Around 50,000 visitors are recorded every year.




Sponsors and Benefactors

Climbing centre 175 indoor climbing routes and 35 routes on the sheltered outdoor climbing wall
Badminton gym 5 courts
Climbing Challenge The Challenge area consists of unconventional and playful climbing routes. These routes are equipped with the new electronic point collection system. Fun for young and old.
Bouldering room air-conditioned room, 70 boulder problems
Bistro inside or outside, bistro terrace, sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, cakes, big TV on which you can show your friends your climbing photos or your favourite video
Shop climbing products, badminton products, clothes, small bits and pieces and everything at reasonable prices
Strength Training corner Cable Crossover, Campusboard, Rings, Dumbbells, Therabands, Blackroll, Skipping Ropes and more
football table, darts free in the bistro
Table tennis one table located in the sheltered outdoor area
Changing rooms with showers and lockable cabinets
1995 Founding of Aranea Climbing Centre Ltd. (Aranea Kletterzentrum GmbH) by Johnny Schelker, Luc Schelker and Rolf Graf
1996 Opening of Aranea Climbing Centre on 17.02.1996 at the first location in Mühlentalstrasse 78 in Schaffhausen
1998 Peter Schädler takes over from Rolf Graf as shareholder
2000 Pascal Parodi is appointed as Managing Director
2005 Notice of termination of the premises at Mühlentalstrasse by the landlord Georg Fischer Liegenschaften AG
Establishment of the Cooperative Aranea Plus (Genossenschaft Aranea Plus) in September 2005
with Pascal Parodi as President and Managing Director
The Cooperative Aranea Plus (Genossenschaft Aranea Plus) signs the lease for the new location on Ebnatstrasse in December 2005. Landlord of the former high-rack warehouse is the stock corporation Ebnat65.
2006 On 30.06.2006 the original climbing centre closes after 10 years of operation.
2006 From 1. May – 1. September 2006 intensive construction works take place on the new Aranea+.
2006 On 2. September 2006 the Aranea+ is newly opened with a climbing hall and badminton hall! The operator is the Cooperative Aranea Plus (Genossenschaft Aranea Plus).
2011 Construction of the sheltered outdoor climbing wall and the bistro terrace. Opening on 09. April 2011
2014 Liquidation of the original company Aranea Climbing Centre Ltd. (Aranea Kletterzentrum GmbH)
2016 On 20.02.2016 the 20th birthday is celebrated with a big “birthday party”.
2016 In July and August 400 m2 of the existing climbing walls are rebuilt. The bistro is rebuilt.
The Climbing Challenge is introduced. The Climbing Challenge is a self-developed point collection system. It works electronically and via software programmed together with the ZHAW.
2016 On 18.11.2016 we celebrate our 20th anniversary again with 200 invited guests. A homemade show block inspires the audience. Patrick Stoll captures the celebration in a film. Afterwards the big party takes place with a disco in the climbing gym.
2017 On 14.11.2017 we start with a comprehensive entry system. The software becomes the core of the Aranea+. It includes the check-in for the climbing gym, a badminton reservation system with online access and app for the customers, a cash register system and the entire customer data management. The times with the good old points cards are now a thing of the past. This is a pity on the one hand, but on the other hand the system brings us many advantages in our internal processes.

Why a Cooperative (Genossenschaft)? The original climbing centre at the old location (1996-2006) had the legal structure of a limited company and was in private hands. No one was getting rich with this business. The goal of a self-sustaining sports center was barely achieved.

With the relocation to it’s current place (which had become necessary due to termination of the premises), the time had come to support the centre on an extensive basis. This made it possible to raise the necessary capital and to make the Aranea+ a reality at the new location in a very short time. The Cooperative (Genossenschaft) is not profit oriented. The Aranea+ should belong to its users. They should be able to decide over the future of their institution. The clear signal going out to the public is of a charitable organisation, making it easier to find sponsors and support from the public sector.

Operating Company and Postal address
Genossenschaft Aranea Plus
Ebnatstrasse 65
CH-8200 Schaffhausen


+41 52 620 12 90

(VAT No.) MwSt-Nr.
CHE-112.574.923 MWST

We were supported on the construction of Aranea+ by

Ersparniskasse Schaffhausen Münsterplatz Schaffhausen Partner
La Sportiva, ACE AG Dorfstr. 23 Amden Materialpartner
Radio Top AG Postfach 2299 Winterthur Medienpartner
Tele Top AG Postfach 932 Frauenfeld Medienpartner
Public Sector
Sportfonds Kant. Schaffhausen Schaffhausen Subvention
Kant. Lotteriegewinnfonds Schaffhausen Subvention
Stadt Schaffhausen Schaffhausen Genossenschafter
Sponsors Sponsor-Rating
Energiefachstelle Kant. SH Beckenstube 11 Schaffhausen AAA
Gasser AG, Bauunternehmung Zürcherstr. 25 Feuerthalen AAA
Georg Fischer AG A.-Laffon-Str. 9 Schaffhausen AAA
Gloor AG Bauunternehmung Windeggstr. 10 Schaffhausen AAA
HÜBSCHER HOLZBAU AG Guntmadingerstr. 14 Beringen AAA
Meyer Architekten SIA Ebnatstr. 65 Schaffhausen AAA
Sasag Kabelkommunikation AG Mühlenstr. 21 Schaffhausen AAA
SIGGDESIGN. Werbung Bachstieg 15 Schaffhausen AAA
Yonex Geroldstr. 31 Zürich AAA
Bollinger Sanitär Geerenweg Schleitheim AA
Brauerei Falken Brauereistr. 1 Schaffhausen AA
Bruderer Research GmbH Fulachstr. 46 Schaffhausen AA
Gonon Isolation AG Oberwiesen Schleitheim AA
Hässig & Gonzalez AG Rheinweg 4 Schaffhausen AA
HG Commerciale Im Majorenacker Schaffhausen AA
Hutter Wärmesysteme AG Schweizersbildstr. Schaffhausen AA
Merck Eprova AG Laternenacker 5 Schaffhausen AA
MTF Schaffhausen AG Bachstr. 44 Schaffhausen AA
Schaffhauser Nachrichten Vordergasse 58 Schaffhausen AA
reasco AG Industrieplatz Neuhausen AA
Wenger + Wirz Bachstr. 50 Schaffhausen AA
Alcan Technology AG Bad. Bahnhofstr. 16 Neuhausen A
Bernet AG Mühlentalstr. 370 Schaffhausen A
brauage du garage à la plage Fischerhäuserstr. 53 Schaffhausen A
Composatz J. Meyer Dürstlingweg 4 Schaffhausen A
Controx AG Klusweg 26 Feuerthalen A
Die Mobiliar Mühlentalstr. 9 Schaffhausen A
Garage Engehof Werner GmbH Schaffhauserstr. Beringen A
Gasthaus zum Adler Vorstadt 69 Schaffhausen A
IG Klettern Donautal/Zollernalb Mendlerstr. 28 Riedlingen A
Jugendkommission No e Wili Blaurockstr. 32 Schaffhausen A
Klettermax Freiheitstr. 49 Singen A
Külling AG, Betonelemente Wilchingen A
Kurt Schlatter AG Hochrahn 65 Hemmental A
Maag Spenglerei Amsler-Laffon-Str Schaffhausen A
Malergeschäft Bernath Rosengasse 14 Schaffhausen A
Mannhart & Fehr Treuhand AG Winkelriedstr. 82 Schaffhausen A
Roost Augenoptik AG Schwertstr. 5 Schaffhausen A
Randen Bike GmbH Schaffhauserstr. Beringen A
Rimuss- u. Weinkellerei Rahm AG Dickistr. 1 Hallau A
Scheffmacher AG Neutalstr. 66 Schaffhausen A
Schmid AG, Lüftung / Klima Schleitheimerstr. Beringen A
Stierlin AG Ebnatstr. 160 Schaffhausen A
Strabus AG Ernst-Müller-Str. 6 Schaffhausen A
Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen Ebnatst. 145 Schaffhausen A
Weber Metallbau GmbH Buechbrunnenstr. Dachsen A
AXA Winterthur Versicherungen Platz 13 Schaffhausen A
Benefactor Companies
Amsler & Co. AG Lindenstrasse 16 Feuerthalen
Baumann Müller AG Konservenstr. 14 Hallau
Bolanz AG Postfach 571 Neuhausen
Consartis Buebenhaldenstr. 520 Wilchingen
Cordis Johnson & Johnson AG Rotzenbühlstr. 55 Spreitenbach
Edition Filidor Reichenbach
Esatec AG Mühlentalstrasse 136 Schaffhausen
Frauenturnverein Merishausen Merishausen
Generis AG Herrenacker 15 Schaffhausen
Graf & Partner Immobilien AG Postfach Schaffhausen
Gräfler Orientierungsstufe Schaffhausen
Hedinger AG, Sägerei Sägereistr. 222 Wilchingen
Immobilien Degerfeld AG Kaltenbacherstr. 20 Stein am Rhein
Internationalschool Mühlenstr. 87 Schaffhausen
Jugendfonds «No e Wili» Blaurockstr. 32 Stein am Rhein
K&P Treuhandgesellschaft Pestalozzistr. 2 Schaffhausen
Karl Augustin AG Im Merzenbrunnen 11 Thayngen
Klösterli-Garage Klösterli 16 Beringen
Kummer Architekturbüro Wanngasse 26 Thayngen
Leu Treuhand AG Postfach 868 Neuhausen
Martin Dietschi AG Postfach 608 Neuhausen
Mavag AG Kleiner Letten 9 Neunkirch
Max Müller Sanitär-Spenglerei Neustadt 15 Schaffhausen
Müller Sanitär Austr. 3 Neuhausen
Neukomm-Tanner Physiotherapie Alpenstrasse 26 Schaffhausen
Park Treuhand AG Promenadenstr. 19 Schaffhausen
Pro Juventute Klettgau Schwärziweg 12 Beringen
Sekundarschule am Bach Bachstr. 62 Schaffhausen
Tiefenbach Garage AG Frauenfelderstr. 39 Schlatt
Vereinigung Cerebral SH Rosenbergstr. 16a Neuhausen
Vögeli M. Spengler-Sanitär Löhningerstr. 8 Neunkirch
WEFA Swiss AG Stammlerbühlstr. 12 Thayngen
Zentralverwaltung Schleitheim Schleitheim