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User Regulations / General Terms and Conditions

1 General information

The user regulations primarily serve the purpose of accident prevention, hygiene and order. It is visibly posted in the entrance area of the gym. Whoever uses the climbing or badminton gym acknowledges the user regulations and is obliged to observe them. Violations of the regulations may result in removal by the staff, and there is no entitlement to a refund of the entrance fee. In the event of repeated violations of the regulations, the offending user may be banned from the premises. In this case, the subscription will be withdrawn from holders of subscriptions. There is no right to a refund.

2 Safety climbing gym

2.1 Safety information for new customers

All new customers are informed of the applicable safety regulations by means of a form. By signing this form, they certify that they have read and understood this information. This is intended to increase safety awareness and prevent accidents. For minors under the age of 16, the form must be signed by their parents. In the case of guided groups, only the group leader is required to sign a form with an adapted text.

2.2 The use of the gym is at your own risk!

Every user is aware that climbing in the gym is associated with risks which cannot be completely eliminated by the operator – even if the user observes all user rules. If the gym is used to capacity, mutual consideration is of central importance. The use of the climbing facility requires full concentration when climbing and belaying.

2.3 Types of climbing

Climbing can be practiced in the Aranea+ in the following ways:

Bouldering rope-free climbing at jump height above mats
Toppas Self-locking device, can be climbed without a partner
TopStop Securing by climbing partner, the support of the TopStop rope brake makes securing easier
TopRope Securing by climbing partner, securing rope is redirected at the hall ceiling, knowledge of knots and practice in this securing technique is required ð Brochure “safe climbing”.
Vorstieg Securing by climbing partner, securing rope is hooked into the karabiner by the climber running away, requires in-depth training of climber and safer ð brochure “safe climbing”.
2.4 Persons without climbing experience

Climbing in top rope  and in lead climb is only permitted under guidance for persons without climbing experience . The instructor is not allowed to climb him- or herself. Training courses and supervised climbing are offered in the climbing centre. Climbing at TopStop, at Toppas and Bouldering can be practised independently by persons without climbing experience after a briefing by our staff.

2.5 Safe climbing

The poster and the brochure “Safe climbing” show the most important safety rules for the climbing types TopRope and Lead. These safety rules are an integral part of these user regulations. All these rules must be adhered to. The brochures are distributed free of charge.

2.6 TopRope ropes

In the Aranea+ there are no permanent top-rope routes. A self-established Top Rope route must not be unattended. If the rope is no longer in use, it must be removed immediately.

2.7 TopStop ropes

The ropes owned by the gym for the TopStop routes must not be removed under any circumstances. They may not be used for leading. Ropes can be rented in the shop for this purpose.


2.8 Tying in and out while top rope climbing

The rope must be knotted directly into the harness. The knot must be fully tied immediately after completing a route. Incompletely tied knots pose a great risk to the next climber.

2.9 Rope free climbing is only permitted in the bouldering area.

In case of weak indoor activity, bouldering is allowed outside the bouldering area (feet max. 1.5 m from the ground). However, boulderers must always give priority to other climbers.

2.10 Supervision

The staff is neither obliged nor in a position to check the gym users for correct securing and compliance with the safety regulations.

2.11 Rope length

The climbing rope must be at least 40 metres long. Ropes, that are too short, are extremely dangerous, as they are not long enough when the climber is lowered.

2.12 Abseiling

Abseiling is only permitted in the context of climbing courses.

2.13 Solo climbing prohibited

Solo climbing (= rope-free climbing over 2 m height with the feet) is not only a special danger for oneself, but also for other gym users. In addition, the solo climber is a bad example.

2.14 Grips, kicks and hooks

All users are aware that handles and kicks can turn or break in extreme cases. Users are responsible for any risk of injury. It is forbidden to hold on to hook plates because of the risk of injury. If defects are found on the climbing equipment (intermediate safety devices, released handles, deflections, etc.), users are requested to report this immediately to the staff.

2.15 Telephoning / headphones

Telephoning and listening to music with headphones are not permitted when climbing or securing.

3 children

3.1 Age

Children up to 16 years of age may only use the climbing facility when accompanied by an experienced adult. The stay is only allowed under permanent supervision of adults or in accompanied group training.

3.2 written permission

Parents can declare their consent in writing that their child under the age of 16 may use the climbing facility without supervision.

4 Groups

4.1 Responsibility

The leader of a group bears full responsibility for his participants. In order to relieve the group leader, we therefore recommend that a climbing instructor from the climbing centre is consulted. The group leader has to fill in a special form.

4.2 Closing off sectors

The reservation and blocking of walls or sectors is only permitted by the gym staff.

5 Equipment

5.1 Own equipment

Every climber is responsible for his own climbing equipment. The equipment used (ropes, carabiners, safety equipment, etc.) must meet today’s requirements.

5.2 The use of own express slings is prohibited.

Hooks without karabiners may not be used.

6 Admission, subscriptions

6.1 Admission and customer cards

Climbing customers must report unsolicited to the counter for check-in or to pay entrance fees each time they visit the climbing gym. Badminton customers have to pay the rent before the start of the match. Annual subscribers and holders of a 10 or 20 entry card will receive a customer card in exchange for a deposit (5.-) to simplify the process. The customer card reads on the name and is not transferable.

6.2 Discount

No reduction without valid identification. The decisive factor for a reduced admission price is not the time at which a 10 or 20 entry ticket is purchased, but the time at which the admissions are redeemed. Consequently, the staff must be presented with the corresponding ID card (Legi, student ID card, ID card, etc.) each time an entry fee is debited.

6.3 Annual subscriptions climbing and bouldering

Annual subscriptions are made out in name and are not transferable. Holders of annual subscriptions are not entitled to a refund in the event of gym closure or reduced operation. The return before the expiry of the subscription and the suspension of the subscription in justified cases will be regulated by a contract at the conclusion of the subscription.

6.4 10 and 20 subscriptions

10 and 20 entry cards are in the name and are not transferable. If the cardholder is present, an additional entry fee may be charged for one additional person.

7 Reservation, cancellation of attended events

7.1 Supervised events

An event is always considered to be attended if a customer makes an individual appointment with the Aranea+, during which one or more Aranea+ employees attend to the customer for a fixed period of time. These are in particular: supervised group climbing / children’s birthdays / high ropes course event / combined event / supervised badminton playing / personal training / etc.

7.2 Provisional reservation

At the customer’s request, a reservation for a supervised event can be made provisionally. The Aranea+ is obliged to convert a provisional reservation into a definitive one at the customer’s request and must guarantee that the event will be held.

Unless otherwise agreed, a provisional reservation expires 7 days before the date. Aranea+ may assign the free date to a third party without prior consultation.

7.3 Definitive reservation

For a definitive reservation of a supervised event, a verbal agreement between the customer and the Aranea+ is sufficient. No written confirmation is required. If the reservation does not expressly state that it is provisional, it is automatically definitive.

7.4 Inquiries via the Internet

On the website there are several possibilities to start a request for a supervised event. The customer can choose between an “Offer request” and a “Reservation request”.

A request for an offer without an appointment is treated by Aranea+ merely as an offer and does not entail a reservation. Offers are valid for 3 months.

An offer request with a fixed date will be treated by Aranea+ as an offer with an additional provisional reservation. The customer receives an offer by e-mail in accordance with his wishes and instructions, and has the option of converting this provisional reservation into a definitive one.

A reservation request must always be made with a fixed date, otherwise it is invalid. A reservation enquiry becomes a definitive reservation once the Aranea+ has confirmed it.

7.5 Reservation for bad weather event

A reservation for a bad weather event is a definitive reservation, with the option of being able to make an acceptance or a cancellation up to 24 hours before the date. For this service we charge a reservation fee of Fr. 80.-. This is payable within 10 days. The reservation expires if we have not received a telephone/oral confirmation until 24 h before the appointment. Promises by email are not valid. The reservation fee will be deducted from the cost of the event. If the event is not held, we retain the fee for our activities.

7.6 Modification of a definitive reservation

Up to 48 hours before the appointment, the customer can change his reservation without incurring costs as follows

-any change in the number of registered persons. If the number of persons is changed less than 48 hours before the date, the rule under point 7.7 will come into force.
-Changing the program
-Change of start time +/- one hour. A larger shift of the start time is not possible. In this case it is necessary to cancel the current reservation and make a new one.
In any case, the change is only valid after consultation with the Aranea+. If the customer requests a change to his reservation by e-mail, this will only become effective after it has been confirmed by the Aranea+ by reply e-mail.

7.7 Changing number of persons and cost consequences

If there are more people attending the event than registered, the customer owes the agreed costs per person for each additional person. Aranea+ is authorised to adapt the agreed programme to ensure safety even with additional participants. If the number of persons attending the event is less than the number registered, the customer shall owe the agreed costs for each person attending, but at least 80% of the total costs agreed in advance, calculated on the basis of the number of persons registered.

7.8 Delayed arrival of the customer -> waiting time of support staff

In the event of late arrival, the duration of the event is shortened and lasts until the agreed end time. The customer is not entitled to a reduction of the agreed price due to the shortened event, but owes the price fixed in advance.

After mutual agreement between the customer and the responsible support staff, the event can also be extended, whereby the customer owes the Aranea+ an additional amount of CHF 70 per hour per present support staff for the waiting time from the fixed start time to the actual start time.

7.9 Cancellation of a definitive reservation

The customer owes Aranea+ the following costs for the cancellation of a definitive reservation:

0 % of the agreed costs, if the cancellation is made earlier than 7 week days before the date.
80% if the cancellation is made less than 7 week days prior to the date of the appointment
50% of the agreed costs if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the date.

8 Courses

8.1 Booking

Bookings can be made through the booking system at or verbally. Booking via the website is possible up to 5 days before the start of the course. Subsequently, registrations can still be made verbally, provided there are still places available.

8.2 Confirmation

A course registration via the booking system will be confirmed immediately by email. If the confirmation email is not received, please check the spam folder or ask in Aranea+. For oral registrations there is only a confirmation by email, if the customer gives an email address.

8.3 Cancellation of course booking

A course booking can in any case be cancelled free of charge within 24 hours of confirmation. The following conditions apply to later cancellations:

for cancellations within 21 days before the start of the course we charge a fee of Fr. 80.-.
For cancellations within 7 days before the start of the course or for non-appearances we charge half the course fee.
Cancellation fees will be waived upon presentation of a medical certificate.

8.4 Absences

Due to absences during a course, the participant is neither entitled to a partial refund nor to catch up on missed lessons. Attendance of all course dates is essential for complete training. Missed dates can be made up or brought forward after individual agreement at a price of CHF 60 per hour. Admission and equipment rental are included in this special price.

8.5 Insurance

Accident and liability insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

8.6 Implementation

Whether the course has enough registrations and is therefore carried out can be seen from the green background colour as well as from the information sign in the course announcement on . The list of advertised courses can be updated for checking purposes. The final decision will be made 5 days before the start of the course.

9 Badminton Reservations

9.1 Liability

Reservations are binding for both the customer and the Aranea+.

9.2 Cancellation of a reservation

The customer can cancel a reserved badminton court up to 2 hours before the appointment at no cost. Cancellation is only valid by phone 052 620 12 90. If the cancellation takes place less than 2 hours before the date, the customer has to pay the full price for the court rent.

10 Hall opening hours

The gym is generally available to the customer in accordance with the current opening hours. The entire facility can be closed or closed at any time in part or in an emergency (route construction, revisions, competitions, tournaments, etc.). Such special cases will be announced in advance on the website and posted in the gym.

11 Order and cleanliness

11.1 Barefoot climbing or belaying is not permitted.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, shoes must always be worn in the gym (does not apply to outdoor areas). Barefoot or climbing in socks is not permitted. Only climbing shoes and clean sneakers are permitted.

11.2 Badminton Hall

The badminton gym may only be entered with indoor sneakers with a light sole, which does not cause any lines on the parquet. Drinks may only be brought into the Badminton gym in closed bottles. Emptied liquids on the parquet floor must be wiped up immediately by the customer. The staff of the gym have the necessary cleaning utensils.

11.3 Smoking ban

Smoking is forbidden throughout the facility, except on the bistro terrace.

11.4 Medication, alcohol or drugs

Persons under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs are not allowed to use the climbing and badminton facilities.

11.5 Dogs

For dogs and other animals there is a leash obligation in the climbing centre. In case of disturbance of the climbing operation by dogs, the staff can forbid the stay of a dog in the climbing centre at any time. Dogs are not allowed to stay in the Badminton gym.

11.6 Food

Food and drinks may not be brought into the climbing gym. Water-filled drinks bottles are excluded. The bistro is available for food and drink. Food and drinks are allowed outside.

11.7 Cleanliness

The gyms, WCs, showers and outdoor facilities must be kept clean. The party responsible is liable for wilful damage to facilities.

11.8 Waste

Waste bins are available in the hall. PET bottles (= plastic bottles) are collected separately in the marked containers. Glass, waste paper, cardboard and plastic films can be handed over to the staff for disposal.

11.9 Theft

Do not leave any valuables unattended! Especially in the dressing rooms it happens that valuables are stolen. Use lockable cloakroom lockers. Personnel are obliged to report theft (handles, sports equipment, valuables, etc.) and vandalism to the police.

12 Liability

No liability is assumed for personal injury or damage to property or for cloakrooms and valuables. Anyone who causes damage or injures persons must bear the consequences themselves. The Aranea Plus cooperative assumes no liability for this.

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