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General Terms and Conditions for Reservation and Carrying out of supervised events at Aranea+

1.1     Supervised events

It is always a supervised event when a customer has individually agreed an appointment with Aranea+, in which one or more Aranea+ Staff supervise the customers for a specified period of time. In particular, these are: Supervised climbing for groups/ Children’s birthday parties / High ropes course event / Combi-events / Supervised badminton play/ Personal training / etc

1.2     Provisional reservations

A Reservation for a supervised event can be made provisionally on demand of the customer. Aranea+ is required to convert a provisional reservation into a definite reservation on demand of the customer, and has to guarantee the event is carried out. Unless otherwise agreed, a provisional reservation expires seven week days before the appointment. Aranea+ may release the available appointment to a third person without further notice.

1.3     Definite reservations

Oral agreement between the customer and Aranea+ is sufficient for a definite reservation of a supervised event. No written confirmation is required. If it is not specifically mentioned at the time of reservation, that it is provisional, it is  automatically a definite reservation.

1.4     Inquiries via the internet

On the website there are several possibilities to start an inquiry for a supervised event. In each case the customer has the choice between “Inquiry Request (Offertanfrage)” or “Reservation Request (Reservationsanfrage)”. A quote request without the specification of an appointment date will be treated by Aranea+ simply as a quote and does not result in a reservation. A quote is valid for three months. A quote request with a fixed selected date is treated by Aranea+ as a quote with an additional provisional reservation. The customer will receive an email with the quote according to his wishes and instructions, and has the possibility to convert this provisional reservation into a definite one. A fixed date appointment must always be selected for a reservation inquiry. Otherwise, it is invalid. With the confirmation of Aranea+ the reservation request becomes a definite reservation.

1.5     Reservation of bad weather events

A reservation for a bad weather event is a definite reservation, with the option to decide up to 24 hours before the appointment whether to cancel it or go ahead. For this service we charge a reservation fee of Fr. 80 .– to be paid in advance. The reservation is invalid and therefore cancelled if we do not receive go ahead confirmation by telephone / verbal agreement at least 24 hours before the appointment. Go ahead confirmations via email are not valid. The reservation fee will be deducted from the final payment amount if the event goes ahead. If the event is not carried out, we keep the fee for our inconvenience.

1.6     Changing a definite reservation

Up to 48 hours before the appointment, the customer can modify their reservation at no cost as follows:

  • any change to the number of registered participants. If the number of participants is changed less than 48 hours before the appointment, the rule of point 1.7 comes into force
  • Modification of the program
  • Change the start time +/- one hour. A larger shift of the start time is not possible. In this case it is required to cancel the current reservation and make a new reservation.
  • In any case the change applies only after consultation with Aranea+. If the customer requests a change of his reservation by email, this will only take effect after receiving a reply email from Aranea+ with the confirmation. 

1.7     Changing the number of participants and cost implications

If more participants than announced take part in the event, the customer owes for each additional person the agreed cost per person. Aranea+ is authorized to adjust the agreed program so that the safety is ensured even with additional participants. If less participants than announced take part in the event, the customer owes the agreed price for each person participating – but at least 80% of the pre-agreed total costs, calculated on the basis of the registered participants.

1.8     Delayed arrival of the customer -> instructor waiting times

Late arrival shortens the duration of the event and it finishes at the arranged ending time. The customer is not entitled to any reduction of the agreed price due to the shortened event, he owes the full amount which was previously agreed. The event can be prolonged after mutual agreement between the customer and the supervising instructors. In this case the customer owes Aranea+ per present instructor an additional amount of Fr. 70.– per hour for the waiting time from the specified start time to the actual start time.

1.9     Cancellation of a definite reservation

The customer owes Aranea+ the following charges for the cancellation of a definite reservation:

  • 0 % of the agreed price if the cancellation occurs earlier than 7 week days prior to the appointment
  • Fr. 80.– if the cancellation occurs less than 7 week days prior to the appointment
  • 50 % of the agreed price if the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the appointment