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Badminton-plausch Fun Experience

Badminton Tournament – Sport and Fun program After an introduction into the badminton sport there is a short and easy training session. Once all players are warmed up and familiar with the rules, there is a draw to decide the tournament opponents. The instructor takes charge of the organization and the competition management until the final winner is decided. And of course the subsequent victory ceremony can’t be missed out. Good to know Everyone has probably played badminton before and hit the shuttle every now and again. It is easier under competent guidance and on a professional court. Already after a few hits the shuttle flies in the desired path. A casual tournament gets the participants sweating and is also lots of fun. The tournament style is chosen so that all teams get to play as much as possible.

Duration 1.5 hours
Group size 6 – 30 participants
Reservation booking required / recommended early / badminton courts subject to availability / also possible outside of regular opening times
Services inlcluded supervision by professional instructor, court hire, rackets and shuttles, tournament organization and management


Price per person  
  6 – 12 people Fr. 44.–
13 – 20 people Fr. 39.–
21 – 30 people Fr. 34.–


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