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Climbing Courses for Children and Youths

Climbing courses each have a specified duration. Usually that is between 3 and 10 appointments. In contrast to the courses we have our ongoing clubs Training Groups. The entry usually takes place after a climbing course.

Kids Holiday Course

Basic Course U20

Kids with Creative Behaviour


Kids Holiday Courses

Fun, exercise and a great experience

Course content playful and level-appropriate introduction into climbing, learning of climbing knots and belay safety technique, development of climbing techniques and skills for advanced climbers
Age 7 to 14 years
Duration 3 x 2 hours within one week – usually Mon, Wed and Fri
Course times 10 – 12h or 13.30 – 15.30h
Price Fr. 130.– including entry, climbing equipment, climbing shoes

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Course for Kids with Creative Behavior

Course Content


Using the children’s natural activity urge to enable them positive experiences. With the help of various relaxation techniques as well as pedagogical and therapeutic climbing methods we want to achieve the course objectives: Enjoyment and fun of the climbing sport • Increasing the children’s attention and concentration Experiencing of success, self-capability and praise Learning responsibility and trust • Learning of consideration and successful communication Strengthening the body feeling and self-esteem • Applying the course objectives into everyday life  Course Instructor Katharina Laws, M.A. Eductational Sciences subject area social pedagogic education, Training in therapeutic climbing methods
Age 7 – 12 years
Duration 6 x 1,5 Stunden
Course times 09.00 – 10.30 Uhr
Price Fr. 240.– including entry and climbing equipment

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