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Climbing Challenge – also for beginners, families and groups
Exercise, action and fun – The Climbing Challenge is particularly suitable for beginners, families and groups. Climbing skills are not necessary. But it is also fun for experienced climbers. In our new climbing world you hunt vertically for points. You can climb the climbing walls in a variety of adventurous ways. There are exciting routes with names like:

Face to Face – transparent climbing wall
Turning Discs – rotating grip discs make life difficult for you
Heaven’s ladder – the 13 m high ladder up to the hall ceiling
Speed – with time measurement
Chimney – like in a chimney, which becomes however ever broader the higher you get
Beam – balance on a beam at a height of 10 m and fall into emptiness
Smiley – a route of many smileys
and many more
Unique scoring system -> Climbing Challenge
All these routes are equipped with sensors (control station). On your wrist you wear a badge that registers the climbed routes. On the screen in the gym you can check your current score and see what your colleagues have already climbed.

Your task is to complete one or more challenges. A challenge consists of several routes, which have to be climbed according to a certain specification. Once you have completed all of them, you will receive bonus points for this challenge!

You have two hours to collect as many points as possible. At the checkout you will receive a certificate with your total points and, if you were good enough, a little surprise.

No registration and no prior knowledge

Even without climbing knowledge you can come to us for climbing and take part in the Climbing Challenge. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. When visiting for the first time, visitors without climbing knowledge must complete an instruction. The instruction lasts about 10 – 15 minutes and costs Fr. 15.– for up to 6 persons. The instruction can be done daily from 11.00 – 17.00.

Rules Climbing Challenge

– The Climbing Challenge lasts 2 hours.
– The time starts when you have checked the first control station.
– The system will notice which routes you have climbed in time, even if you do the upload only after the two hours have elapsed.
– Once the challenge is over, you can continue climbing without earning points.

– for a completely completed challenge there are unique bonus points
– consists of several routes, which have to be climbed according to a certain specification (e.g. 1 x climb or 2 x climb or climb in a certain time).
– there are several challenges with different levels of difficulty

Points are awarded for climbed routes. The same route can be climbed and scored several times. There are three different types of routes:

Top Route
– has a single control at the top
– gives a certain number of points

speed route
– has a control at startup and at top
– you have to check both controls
– gives a certain number of points when you arrive at the top
– gives more points if you arrive at the top in a certain time

course route
– has 3 or more controls
– you have to check all controls in the correct order
– you get a part of the points, if you can only make it to an intermediate destination.
– can also be a speed route.

– at the end you have to do the checkout at the bar.
– After the checkout you are allowed to continue climbing without restrictions, just without collecting points.

with badminton, table tennis and table football

For an extra charge you can also play badminton and/or table tennis. The table football is available free of charge in the bistro anyway. You can use the whole offer in the Aranea+ and spend a great day.


Kategorie Alter entrance + Climbing Challenge + climbing harness + Badminton + Racket
children1 until 16 13.– 3.–
teenagers2 until 20 23.– 5.–
adults from 20 29.– 5.–

The extra charge for badminton entitles you to one unit of badminton (60 or 45 minutes).
Shoe rental is not included. Bring your indoor sneakers!

Instruktion Fr. 15.– flat rate for up to max. 6 persons

The instruction must be made mandatory once, if no climbing knowledge is available. Duration 10 – 15 min. Possible daily from 11.00 – 17.00

Climbing Challenge Fr. 5.– teenagers / adults
Fr. 3.– children

The Climbing Challenge can also be booked as an add-on if the entrance fee has been paid separately.


group and family discount

group discount from 8 people on 10% discount on entrance and rental
family discount Fr. 2.– discount per person if both parents pay entrance.

Climbing Challenge as Team Olympics

The Climbing Challenge is even more fun in teams. The team classification makes it possible to compete against another team. Our instructors accompany your visit from A to Z and lead the Olympics. You can find the details under Team Olympiade im Menü “Gruppen”.

Bring with you / Equipment

You can also rent climbing shoes and badminton shoes. You can also bring your indoor sneakers. You are not allowed to climb in street shoes, barefoot or in socks. Dress sporty. Otherwise you don’t need any other equipment. You will get the climbing and badminton equipment from us.